Why Summit Traverse

Summit Traverse’s innovative program design, a step-down from intensive treatment programs, combines family-centered therapeutic services, a blended learning academic program, and a rich residential life curriculum that strengthens executive functioning, skills for independence, and self-management of leisure time pursuits.

Traverse employs a family-centered therapeutic approach to prepare teens for reintegration into the family unit and transition to a more traditional environment. Family inclusion in the treatment process begins on day one when the parents accompany the student for enrollment and participate in the first family therapy session. Weekly family therapy continues throughout the teen’s program participation, via either telephone or video conference. A series of “family connections,” as we prefer to call family visits, provide an opportunity for family members to practice new communication and interpersonal skills with the support of the primary therapist, finding solutions to problem areas and reinforcing demonstrated growth.

The Summit blended learning academic program integrates face-to-face teacher facilitated instruction and an accredited, computer-mediated curriculum that puts the student at the center of learning. By creating a personalized learning experience that is self-paced to promote mastery of concepts and easily differentiated to accommodate learning differences, the student takes ownership of their learning, gains confidence in their ability, and pride in concrete accomplishments. In short, learning can become rewarding again. Summit’s modular web-based curriculum allows each student to select the specific courses needed to continue skills development, meet graduation requirements or improve their transcript by repeating courses in which they did not do well the first time.

Through participation in wellness, adventure, and cultural activities, teens explore new interests or cultural perspectives, develop their creative abilities, and learn to fill their free time with a variety of constructive leisure activities. An important area of focus is helping teens develop a healthier “electronic diet” as they prepare to transition out of treatment settings.

At Traverse, we believe families must be involved, learning must be individualized and fun, and teens must be engaged in interesting activities. Learn more about how Summit Traverse can help your teen.